Monday, January 24, 2011

Should Pornography Be Restricted By Law?

When I think of pornography, I think of the internet and how it makes pornography very accessible to just about anyone. Anyone who owns a computer, has the option of looking up pornography at any time of the day, for as long they want, on as many sights as they want. I believe pornography can become addicting, and I think people are easily influenced by what they witness on the internet. I think there could be restrictions on it, and I think that might be a healthy thing, but I cant imagine how we would go about restricting it. Being that it is so accessible, how could we begin to set limitations on who can obtain it? It could be restricted in all stores, so that people would no longer be able to purchase it at local gas stations. It could also be banned from movie stores, so that customers could not rent the videos whenever they wanted. This brings me to ask the question: What about the Internet? How could we keep people from viewing pornography on the internet? The internet is something that is free, something that is available at our very fingertips. I have heard that in China and Japan, internet sites such as Google are banned amongst the community. Is it possible that we could do the same to pornographic sites? Although I think it should be restricted, I don't think it ever will be restricted. I believe pornography portrays sex in a superficial way, and can lead people into thinking that what it portrays is real. I support the restriction, and I hope it can become less of a problem amongst our population.

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