Saturday, January 29, 2011

Should News Paper Reporters Be Required To Reveal Their Sources?

It's 7:00 in the morning, and you make your way to the kitchen to heat the pot of coffee. Right as you are turning on the stove, the mail man walks by, tossing your daily Newspaper at the base of your front door. You continue your routine and go outside to grab the Newspaper so you have something to read while you eat your breakfast. On the front page, you see the headline of an article that speaks of an amazing new discovery: "Loose Weight Without Working Out!" Taken by the title of the article, you sit down with your cup of coffee and enjoy yourself some light reading. The article goes on to explain how scientists have discovered a new chemical combination, that when ingested, will begin to eat the access fat on your body. You are directed to take the pill daily, and will see results instantly. The best part about this discovery, is the fact that you will not have to work out to see results. The question is: do you quick run out and buy the first bottle of the new pills that you can find, or do you instead do some research to see whether the information is credible, if the source of where the report got her information is someone of significance. I would say, from my aberration of friends and family members taking pills like this, that many people would be in the car, at the store, and in the checkout line, before they even finished the article about the amazing new discovery. This brings to one of my points, that people listen to what they want to hear. The Newspaper is just honoring the laws of supply and demand. What the reader wants, the Newspaper will produce. Do you really think its a coincidence that with a large amount of our population being overweight or obese, and having many health problems, that the Newspapers and Magazines are filled with articles and advertisements promoting new healthy ways of living, or easy ways to loose weight fast? They are giving us what we want. People don't want to read the truth, because the truth most times is too hard to handle. Instead, they tweak the truth to make it sound more appealing to the reader. I believe that until WE start demanding accurate information, or credible information in our Newspapers, then we can trust what we read and not have to worry about whether or not what is in the Newspaper is actually supported by fact.  

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