Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What types of regulations of smoking in public places should the legal system impose?

I believe that smoking, although it is a personal freedom, should be regulated to only being allowed outdoors. Second hand smoke does exist and does have harmful effects on the individuals exposed to it.

Individuals who smoke do not bother me, and I think that smoking is actually a great way for some people to net work with people, and get to know strangers. I would have a problem with smokers if I did not have the option of being separated from them and their toxic smoke producing cancer sticks. As long as I can escape it, I'm alright with it.

As far as other restrictions on smoking, I think that throwing out your cigarette buts should be considered littering and should result in a fine, because it is the same thing as the person who throws out a can of soda, size should not matter in this case...  

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