Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What impact on the family (or the workplace) have changes in gender roles had?

In the last 50-60 years the gender roles in The U.S have gone through a huge transition. Now days there are more women in the work force competing for the jobs that were once only limited to working men. Men are now becoming stay at home parents taking care of the children while the mother will go out and pursue her college degree, and move onto her career. Both men and women are putting more concern on the household income, rather than on raising their children and spending time with.

Due to the increase in both parents having a daytime or nighttime job children are now being enrolled in daycare centers where they will spend the majority of their day, away from their parents. I find that all of these changes have had both positive and negative effects on the family as a whole. For one, the children are getting effected because they are now spending less time with their parents, and for two, the parents relationship is getting stressed because now both members of the household must hold a job to make ends meet. Positives that have come from the shift in gender roles would be the fact that more women have the opportunity to pursue a college degree, and then a professional career, and that women are also able to reach very high positions in their filed of choice.

Positives for men would have to be the fact that more men are getting acclimated with the kitchen the taking care of the household, as well as getting more in touch with their children and building stronger relationships. I find the gender role shift to stand out with more positives than negatives.

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