Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Should children be required to attend school past the age of sixteen?

As we all might be able to attest, education is becoming increasingly important, and is often required in most, if not all job fields. No longer are the days where a person can only have a 8th grade education, or less, and still be competitive in the job market. Now that most of our jobs are being shipped out across sea's, it limits what jobs are left, and the jobs that are left, are being competed upon by many, (highly) qualified individuals. In my opinion, a person would be simply fooling themselves if they did not get a high school diploma, and more so now, a 2-4 year college degree.

I have an aunt who only has a 2 year degree in business, and she is competing with others, who are half her age, that have a 4 year degree, a masters, or a Doctorate degree. Education is important, and although it is expensive, it will certainly pay off well in the end.

Dont be a fool, STAY IN SCHOOL!!!! :0)

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