Monday, February 14, 2011

To what extent should bilingual education be offered in public schools?

I recieved my Elementary education from St. John's Baptist Catholic School in Jordan, Minnesota. Here I studdied many different subjects and learned quite a bit. When recalling all the subjuects that I studdied, I remember that a second language was not as enforced as I would have hoped it to be. To my knowledge, we were given two, maybe three years of spanish classes. In these classes our teacher did her absolute best to learn the information to us all, but as I was not in the place to take my calsses very seriously, I retained very little when the class was over. I did not recieve any second language education in Middle School, which was for my 7th and 8th grade years.

When I started High School as a Freshman, we were required to take Spanish I, and this I was very happy with, my teacher was able to get through to me, and I enjoyed learning about the culture. However, once you had completed one year of spanish, that was the only requirement. I think that learning a second language, especially Spanish is becoming increasing important. I think that second language education should be as enforced as any other subject in school. I think it to be a very crucuial tool for any chosen proffesion, as our communities are becoming more and more diverse. I would like to see more focus on second languages because I believe it will result in a more well-rounded individuals, and also, it promotes communication with classmates of other ethnicities, and even in their native languages. I will be exposing my children to at least two other languages, other than english, and I will suggest that they take other languages on top of that.

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