Thursday, February 24, 2011

~Do certain children's toys create social or emotional or other problems?~

I think there certainly are children's toys out there that do cause social and emotional problems. I know that video games, and similar games on the internet are becoming very popular amongst the teenagers, and really everyone alike. In my opinion the game Call of Duty can have a negative affect on individuals who play it because it can become addicting, which results in the player continuing to play, and choosing to sit behind the computer screen instead of going out with some friends. I also think this game is very violent which can imprint negative, dangerous, or violent ideas into the players mind, and result in the same type of actions.


If a person spends most of their time inside playing video games, and not communicating with actual people, in person, it could result in social problems, and not knowing how to effecting communicate with others. Being that this game involves a lot of killing, as the player is in control of a gun, or other such weapons. I think that this can cause emotional damage as some of these games are pretty graphic. Now I know that not all children's games are like the Call of Duty, but I think that if a child is allowed to spend more time with their video games, or other toys, and are not spending time with their friends, or other kids their age, that it may result in social, emotional, or other problems. I respect those out there that do choose to endulge, and enjoy playing these games :0)

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