Thursday, April 21, 2011

Should controversial speakers (on whatever subject) be allowed on college campuses?

I think that college is a place that we go to continue our education, but is also a place where we are presented with controversial topics and issues. If we do not get this exposure, I feel we are doing ourselves a diservice because to shelter ourselves from such matters would be naiive and sheltering. No matter what your cultural or religious beleifs are, being presented with controversial issues, material, or topics will only help you to firm your belief systems, but will also open up a window for you to see into another perspective or point of view. I think it is very important for controversial speakers to be allowed onto college campuses because it gets the students expoesed to what they are going to hear out in the real world. Exposure of any kind is only going to help build us as individuals and diversify the ways in which we think.   

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